The Circle Bridge: October 19, 2013

Moviehouse’s The Circle Bridge combines live choreography and large-scale video projections to tell a story of interconnectivity, travel and history. Audience members follow their own distinct narrative as they walk the span of the 2810 foot Pulaski Bridge that connects Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Long Island City, Queens across the Newtown Creek. Along their walk they encounter four separate projections and two unique performances that each tell a distinct part of their tale. Each element is integrally designed to give each viewer a unique all-encompassing visual, audio and physical experience.

Bridge is structured by six overlapping stories that are grounded in the history of the bridge, the neighborhoods that surround it and the communities that live and work there. The audience meets six distinct characters and they traverse time and space in interconnected  loops. Projected photographs morph into large animations on warehouses then come to life as dancers on the bridge itself.

Director: Chris Henderson
Choreography: Mayuna Shimizu/Blue Muse Dance
Animation: Nathan Punwar
Producer: Felicia A. Swoope, Gendarc Dance NYC
Performers: Hazuki Homma, Matthew Roberts, Femi Olagoke, Malin Barr, Robin Johnson & Megan Nordle
Sponsorship: Broadway Stages

Pulaski Bridge map

Color bridge photo by Mayuna Shimizu; Black & White photo by Eugene L. Armbruster courtesy of New York Historical Society

Loves of a Cyclops

May 18, 2013, 7pm

3rd Ward (map)


Catch the final Moviehouse at 3rd Ward before we set off on our next project: Bridge. Nathan Punwar returns with the film that started at Moviehouse and ends in an amazing trip.

How do you describe Loves of a Cyclops? It’s a film about a one-eyed man with a bizarre vision of the world, an experimental scientist who believes he holds the key to seeing multiple dimensions, and a prolific former-child-star narrator of books on tape looking to be her own author. Francis, the cyclops in question, careens from one group of people to another, unable to see what we see, struggling to find a home for his view of the world. But that’s just the story. With its relentlessly quick pace, animated effects, detail-filled frames, and a large cast and crew of friends and collaborators, it’s a feature film’s worth of ideas packed into a vibrant, colorful short. Watch it and don’t blink.

The film is written and directed by Nathan Punwar, who screened Prologue to a Cyclops with Moviehouse at 3rd Ward in 2010. Prologue is Francis and his partner-in-crime Lina Rae’s attempt at telling a two-eyed story through his own singular vision and camera (in super-8, silent, black-and-white “stereoscope,” accompanied by music and text). The duo abandoned the film before completion, but Nathan and co. resurrected it, and you can watch it online here before you come and see a fraction of it within the full blown tale in Loves of a Cyclops.

Where The Light Falls

April 13, 2013, 7pm

3rd Ward (map)

WHERE THE LIGHT FALLS is a multimedia dance theater piece and an exploration of how we perceive any given situation, inspired by
questions of belonging, stagnation and perseverance. The piece peeks into a surreal world of memories and daydream, embracing both the beautiful, bizarre and the melancholic. This particular version, created for Moviehouse, focuses on dance/film interaction,
and was made possible through funding from Brooklyn Arts Council and Arts Council Norway.

Choreography: Einy Åm Sparks, in close collaboration with the performers
Video Artists: Run Shayo and Tyler Sparks
Costume: Stephanie Sleeper
Performers: Sarah Cameron, Kevin Ho, Uta Takemura and Einy Åm Sparks
Additional performers in dance films: Oren Barnoy, Corinne
Cappelletti, Cristina Jasen and Run Shayo